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The importance of Ethics for Accountants, Auditors and Finance Professionals

All of us have opportunities to choose between right and wrong every day; we see in the businesses around us how getting it ethically wrong can lead to serious consequences, including corporate failure, loss of reputation, fines or even jail… Continue Reading →

LinkedIn Success Recipe For Young Professionals

LinkedIn is changing the face of modern-day recruitment, it’s one of the first places recruiters or employers look for candidates. It can be a noisy and chaotic place – 313 million people all trying to network. And you need to… Continue Reading →

10 Hacks to Boost your Study From Home Routine

1. Time Your Time Well Every student has his or her own daily highs and lows. Some of us are night owls while others are morning lovers. The trick is to take advantage of the time of the day you feel… Continue Reading →

How can Students take care of their Wellbeing during COVID-19 Lockdown

Students, your safety and wellbeing is paramount to all of us at Synthesis Learning, as we strive to ensure and support you first during this unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, here are some key aspects we suggest you keep in check as… Continue Reading →

Why do so many Indian Executives make it to the top of MNCs?

Common wisdom says that India is perhaps best known for its exports of spices, curry, yoga, and Bollywood films. But another winning product from the Indian subcontinent is Chief Executives of major multinational companies. With the latest appointment of Arvind… Continue Reading →

Automation Is Coming At The Workplace – Are You Ready? #TalentOfTheFuture

Growth of the internet, the invention of the smartphone, development of machine-learning systems and we don’t know what lies ahead. These advances indicate the automation of our lives, including the way we work and do business. It is a no-brainer… Continue Reading →

Developing a Career Plan

Often you must have faced this question from your peers, teachers or counsellors – where do you want to be seen in the next 10 years? Many students do not know how to answer this question and come up with… Continue Reading →

Conquering Career Doubts

With many students these days reporting unease about having not done well in professional entrance exam like CA Foundation or CS Foundation, the most common reasons being a rigid exam structure and curriculum coupled with career doubts on the way… Continue Reading →

Five Gifts We Wish Santa Gifts You This Christmas

HO HO HO! Santa is here with some marvelous gifts and it’s your chance to pick some now. Make sure you have yours to take you forward in your career and professional growth. No Not Candies! Santa gets innovative and… Continue Reading →

How are the millennials shaping the future of finance industry?

Millennials or Gen Y is typically any group of people born between the 1980s – 2000s who grew up with early access to the internet, smartphones, computers, and all the other digital technology in use today. They are further known… Continue Reading →

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