Clearing ACCA exams in the very first attempt are relatively easier than other courses like a CA or CFA, mainly because of its flexible and convenient exam schedule. One just has to adopt an appropriate schedule and have the right study plan to pass ACCA exams, which is where coaching classes are doing a good job in preparing these students. Here are some of the tips which will help you to clear ACCA exams in the very first attempt:

Proper Planning

You can start the exam preparation by going through the entire syllabus and creating a proper study plan covering all the topics. While the first 4 papers (AB to LW) can be taken throughout the year, the rest can be taken over four attempts throughout the year in March, June, September, and December. Studying for 1 paper every quarter allows you to focus on one subject at a time which you may find beneficial as you progress to the higher-level papers. This is because some of the subjects in the higher level are harder, or have a larger syllabus to cover. However, this might mean that you have to start studying for your next paper before you have the results of your most recent exam if you want to have the optimum amount of time to prepare.

A master plan will help you juggle your two lives with a breeze and avoid clashes between them.

Do Not Skip Topics

Focusing on your weakness is necessary, but that should not lead to the decision of skipping other topics. You should do the planning in such a way that equal importance is given to all the topics and sufficient time is allotted to them.

Taking Mock Test

Mock tests are always the best way to analyze your strengths and areas of improvement. At Synthesis Learning, our students undergo a series of well-planned mock tests and exam simulations to give the students a feel of the D-Day. When you already have a practice of giving 4-5 tests, it will develop confidence within yourself on the day of the exam. While the first 4 papers are computer-based MCQs, fifth paper onwards you will find a mixture of multiple-choice objectives and subjective questions, which need practice and technique. Sticking to the time limit in mock tests will further help you to get habituated to the examination pattern. You may solve previous question papers to assess the difficulty level and questioning trends.

Mind Map To Brush Up Your Syllabus Regularly

ACCA is a practical and application-oriented qualification, requiring more of practice than memorizing. You’ll do better in your exams if you give yourself time for what you’ve learned to go into your long-term memory rather than relying on the short-term one. This will give higher chances of getting cleared in the first attempt if you leave plenty of time for revision. Make pocket notes, create acronyms, take help of your peers and educators to figure out more ways to better remember the tricks.

Personal Wellbeing

Last but by no means the least is personal wellbeing – both mental and physical. You can become an ACCA, only if you want to be the one. Keep reminding yourself that this is what you desire to be. Passion, determination, and patience are needless to say, very important. While it is important for you to be positive and work hard, it is equally important to release all that tension. Remember this is not a do-or-die situation. You must be easy on yourself. Relax for a while, fetch out time for some exercise, meditation or yoga which will uplift your concentration level. Try to be in the company of people who motivate and de-stress you.

Tips For D-Day

  • Do not take up any mock test before the day of the examination, this might put down your confidence. Also, do not compare any of your previous mock test results with anyone and get nervous.
  • Wear and eat what you are comfortable with, on the day of the exam.
  • Attempt those questions first that you are confident of, this will help you boost your morale. There is no negative marking in MCQ exams – so even if you guess the answer you have a one in four (25%) chance of getting the question right.
  • Do not waste your time by sticking to one question. The clock will keep, so it becomes very necessary for you to time your question attempts.
  • Do not get under pressure while attempting a question. The key is to have belief in yourself and trust the amount of effort you have put in this exam.


All the above tips will help you to prepare for your ACCA exams in an appropriate manner and clear it in the first attempt.  Just work hard and try to follow your set targets. ACCA requires only 50% marks to consider the attempt successful, which is relatively easy to score. It is always advisable to take proper coaching from experienced ACCA faculty to increase your chances of success manifolds.

Also remember that if you don’t pass, view it as a learning opportunity because there’s no such thing called failure. Remember efforts always triumph your luck. Best of Luck!